ZFNZ makes official complaint to TVNZ over Israel/ Gaza coverage on 15 July

The Zionist Federation of New Zealand has made an official complaint to TVNZ with regards to their accuracy of the recent events which took place at the Israel-Gaza border on the 15 July. 

The complaint was made due to a breach of the Broadcasting Standards Authority Standard 9 – Accuracy. TV One News when reporting the incident stated the following: “Two Palestinian teenagers have been killed after Israel unleashed its heaviest airstrike on Gaza since 2014. Hamas retaliated with rocket strikes, injuring at least 3 Israelis. A ceasefire is reportedly now in place after international efforts succeed in ending the current round of escalation.”

In fact at 1:36 am (Israel time), families (men, women and children) in southern Israel awoke to the sounds of red alert sirens giving them 15 seconds to get into their bomb shelters. The bombardment of rockets were continuously launched at these communities until 6:15 am, and resumed at 1:14 pm and remained ongoing until the reported ceasefire. A total of over 170 rockets were launched by the Iranian backed Hamas, the results of which can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/StandWithUs/videos/10155809289477689/?t=0. 

Israel’s attacks against Hamas targets were in retaliation to these unprovoked attacks which had been preceded in the weeks prior by countless other rocket attacks, incendiary kites, fire kites, grenade and other attacks, and not the other way around as stated by TV One News. 

We call on TV One News to apologise for this deliberately misleading news article and to take every step to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.