UNESCO are at it again!


May 8, 2017 Following on from the outrageous resolution which UNESCO passed back in October 2016 which not just ignored but also tried to eradicate more than 3000 years of Jewish history and connection to Jerusalem, UNESCO have been at it again. This time, however, they chose the day of Yom Ha’atzmaut to pass another …

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Goodbye McCully, Hello Minister Brownlee


May 8, 2017 On 1 May, New Zealand said goodbye to Murray McCully who ended his tenure as Foreign Minister and welcomed in Gerry Brownlee. On the 30 April, McCully gave an interview about his time as Foreign Minister to Jessica Mutch, in which he spoke about United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334. McCully, whilst …

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Rob Berg, President of the ZFNZ: NZ Government stance on Israel smacks of hypocrisy

Rob Berg

January 13, 2017 On Friday, December 23, 2016, Foreign Minister Murray McCully, on behalf of New Zealand, co-sponsored United Nations Security resolution 2334 which labelled all settlements and territories “occupied” after 1967 by Israel as “illegal”. I am no lawyer, but I know that it is anything but a foregone conclusion. To begin with, Israel …

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NZ buys into lie about Israeli settlements


March 29, 2016 “If you tell a lie long enough it becomes truth.” Most know who this quote is attributed to and unfortunately it has time and again shown to be correct. This time, however, it is our own Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, who has fallen victim to this. McCully recently stated that “the viability …

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What is Rabin’s legacy 20 years on?


This weekend in the Hebrew calendar and on Wednesday 4th November, it will be 20 years since the assassination of then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin z”l. Rabin, the military man who led the IDF as its then Chief of Staff to victory in the six-day war, will also be remembered for his efforts to …

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